How to Land Multiple Attacks at the Same Second!

7 03 2009

Good evening everyone. Maybe some of you knew how to do this already. But, I thought I would share this with everyone. If it helps, great. If its redundant, sorry. If you already knew it….shame on you for not sharing sooner!!!!!

After the attacks on fututuy yesterday, I was pissed that Gemini hit him with multiple same second attacks of 12 to 15 waves from the same village all at once. In other words, they send 20 attacks at you from the same village all landing in the same second. I asked myself how the hell did they do this without using scripts……here’s how:

First you have to max out the repeat rate of your keyboard. The concept is to setup the enter key so that when you press and hold the key it repeats as fast as possible. Using Windows XP, go to control panel and then to keyboard. You should see an option for repeat delay, and repeat rate. Repeat delay is the delay in between the initial keystroke and the repeated keystrokes after it. You need to eliminate this delay completely so there is no real need to shorten this setting. You ultimately just want the repeat rate setting to be set as fast as possible.

Step 2. You have to use Firefox. Unfortunately, the doesn’t work using Internet Explorer. So… install Firefox, its free!

Step 3. Using multiple tabs, set up all of your catapult waves. Also put a fake attack in your very first tab. Prep everything and set all your catapult targets or whatever kind of target you want for the attack you are making. Do not send any attacks yet!!!!

Step 4. Put your browser into offline mode: Go to file and in the drop down menu select work offline.

Step 5. Send all your waves. You should get an error saying that you are offline and can’t load the webpage. That is exactly what you want. After you have tabbed through and sent all of your waves, click on your first tab to bring it back to the front.

Step 6. Go to file and in the drop down menu, unselect work offline.

Step 7. Make the Firefox window so small that you can only see the first tab and you can’t actually see any of the webpage. (Try skipping this step and see the difference it makes as you most likely are confused as to why this helps.)

Step 8. Right click on the first tab and select “reload ALL tabs”

Final Step. An error message will come up asking if you want to resend data in order to load the page. Press and hold Enter. Maximize your window after all the attacks get sent, and in your rally point, cancel the fake wave you used to eliminate the repeat delay.
I suggest everyone try this out several times on practice runs so you will know what to do when the time comes when you really need it. Again, try it multiple times before you really “HAVE TO USE IT”, it take some getting used to.
Also, you can practice the above by sending reinforcements to your own villages rather than attacking someone until you have it down. Then…. Destroy them once you’ve perfected the process!!!

Give it a try, practice makes perfect!!!!




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13 03 2009
Dan Massicotte

Better yet, just enter the troops you want, hit “ok” to send, then click ‘back’, push the spacebar to click “resend” (you’ll know what I mean when you try it)* and click “ok” to send more troops. This gets you about 3 seconds apart for each attack.

You’ll get a pop up saying “this page is no longer valid…” or something like that. You’ll have two options: Cancel Resend. Click Resend, or hit space to make it faster.

And you just do that 20 times! 🙂

16 05 2009

3 seconds apart is terrible… 3 seconds is enough for easy insertion. 1 second max separation to make insertion hard. Even 1 second allows insertion, but that’s very difficult.

I recommend setting up all attacks in tabs. Use CTRL-TAB to move between tabs and quickly push OK on each one. Mouse does not move, so all you have to do is push keyboard CTRL-TAB then click. It’s very fast, and easy to send 5 attacks per second this way.

20 05 2009

Great info. A 3 second delay is too much. Actually any delay is enough time for a village to be reinforced after the initial clearing wave, thus destroying all the cats. If this go according to plan…..

8 08 2009
Supreme Admiral

I was ranked around 1500 on server 5 and tore apart the rank 23 player because he had spaces in his attacks. Twice I was able to kill a chief with only a 1 second delay. I’ve not even been at this game as long as most. He lost 7 chiefs and half his hammer on me and still didn’t chief my village. Watch your spacing.

Thank you, original poster, for this information. However, I would like to add that this method only works well with a high-speed connection. My friend has some wicked internet and can get off around 40 attacks in the same second. I have alright internet and can get off 32. Another friend has DSL and can only get 17 off in the same second. The amount that you can cram in will vary with your connection speed.

Still a great method, though. I use it constantly. =)

-Supreme Admiral

20 11 2009

Suddenly it sucks to be mac. Snow leopard animates the message box that pops up to resend troops. It appears as it slides down from the top of the screen, doesnt take enter after animation completed, and slides up again to dissapear, before the next box slides down. I hate that kind of crap.

23 11 2009

Nice , i get 10 attacks in the first second , 12 more in the next second

very nice and neatly explained

3 02 2010

I have 20mb virgin and a top-end specced pc… I can only get 6-8 in a second… 😦 ??? why ow why!

24 08 2011

It is not always about you or the PC, it is also about the internet connection, although I did everything right, I still can’t send 4 in the same second. Always 3 in my training on farms

16 04 2010

you raid me or anyone in my ally with 3 second gaps you will be sniped for sure, dont do the 3 sec thing unless you want to wonder where the rest of your troops went after that last attack. Great little guide here …….

You have to shut off background tasks i have gotten 20 in same second im on sheety 6yrold pc . however fast connection is req.

sidenote you can still be sniped wif same second attacks,s the attacks are really spaced by milliseconds and the trav clock does not show ms. something to think about.

20 04 2010

when you try to do this with many taps, you get massage on maybe half of tabs that says you were temporarily baned due to double clicked on the same time.

27 02 2011

Great! really worth reading.

3 06 2011
joe from tampa

actually same second attacks cant be sniped. heres why: travian does NOT count milliseconds. as such, if attacks land in the same second, the attack launched ‘first’ will always hit first, and the attack launched ‘last’ will always hit last. thus, the only way to snipe same second attacks, is to somehow predict exactly when an opponent will launch an attack (impossible, unless you’re lying, i expect to be trolled for my factual post) and launch your snipe before that to land at the time the opponents force will attack. i might not have explained it well, but the moral of my paragraph is such: if you can get all of your attacks to land on the same second, you will not be sniped. period. i challenge anyone to show me a report, i dont care what happened 3 servers ago and you lost the report, i’m a travian vet and you’re full of shit if you argue with this because this comes straight from my experience and the multihunters/admins i’ve spoken with.

4 06 2011

lol, chill, this blog is really old as u can see from the date posted so not everything is up to date

24 08 2011

Travian is the same game, a new version? yes, but nearly everything is JUST THE SAME.

29 10 2011

cant we make more than 4 waves in a second in travian version 4

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